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October 06 2017

i don’t really need to sleep tonight so i’m probably gonna watch the wicker man later, since i’ve never seen it but vaguely remember someone recommending it to me 10 years ago. might have been @nutsandbuts. most good things that i know about she introduces me to

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October 05 2017


if you ever go to sunderland, massachusetts, do not drink the tap water. it’s nominally “safe” but given how many times the water at my old apartment complex got turned off for “repairs” i’m not sure i would trust it, and also it tastes really terrible

also my toilet broke one time because the water in the tank was so full of minerals the inner workings had calcified, so uh, there’s that

if you ever go to sunderland, massachusetts, do not drink the tap water. it’s nominally “safe” but given how many times the water at my old apartment complex got turned off for “repairs” i’m not sure i would trust it, and also it tastes really terrible


okay i usually don’t like these kinds of posts but i was having a discussion with some friends from different part of the country/world sooo….. 

reblog and put in the tags where you’re from/whether or not you consider the tap water clean enough to drink I am actually genuinely curious. I’m from florida and i’ve been told that it’s usually unsafe to drink unfiltered. 

while we’re talking about washing machines, can i just say that there needs to be a “get blood out of your panties” washing machine setting with super cold water and an extra-long presoak time

or hell, just “get blood out of this,” because if you’re as accident-prone as i am there are plenty more ways to get blood on something than menstruating on it








Let me tell you about my panda mini-washer

As an apartment dweller, this is a game changer. My current apartment doesn’t have a laundry facility and the closest Laundromat about a 30 min bus ride which is just not practical. The mini-washer is a life saver

The panda mini washer hooks up to the sink, is incredibly lightweight (about 28 pounds, so light even I can lift it) and easy to use. 

It has a surprisingly large capacity. The basket from the first picture represents about one and a half loads. The jeans took up a whole load while the rest filled the bin only half way. 

Here’s the inside. The left is the washer the right is the spin dryer. Yes, it even drys.

Basically you shove your cloths into the washer, fill it up with water and let it go. I use my shower head to fill it up so it goes faster, the sink hook up took about five minutes to fill the whole tub, with the shower head is is down to a minute an a half. I do it in three wash cycles, a five minute rinse with baking soda, a five minute wash with soap and a three minute rinse with water. You have to drain and refill between each cycle so it’s a little more labor intensive than a traditional washer. 

That’s the spin dryer. It’s about half the capacity of the washer so one wash takes about two loads to dry. The spinner is much more effective than I was expecting. A three minute spin gets my cloths about 90% dry. I hang them up to air dry for that last 10%. 

The machine cost me about 150$. When you factor in two dollars for the bus, five for the machines (per week), the mini-washer pays for its self after only about six months worth of laundry. 

I’m not great at expressing emotion, but I’m hoping you can tell how excited I am.  Let me just say that the panda mini-washer is great and I highly recommend it to anyone currently using a Laundromat.  

Read this and immediately bought it on Amazon for $180. I spend $15 a week to have my laundry done so this pays for itself in 3 months for me. THANK YOU JESUS.


@ all my nyc pendejas

Oh by the way, they have table top dishwashers that are pretty much the same thing:

This is one of the biggest technological breakthroughs for the everyday homeowner in the current decade: the realization that refrigerators aren’t the only things that can be miniaturized for better affordability and minimal space requirements.

Can you IMAGINE how this is going to change the lives of college students and apartment-dwellers? Or anyone with a lower income who can’t afford a place with “luxury” appliances like dishwashers and laundry machines?

There’s an even cheaper option called the Wonder Wash where you tumble the thing yourself and you’ll have to line-dry the clothes, but it apparently works very well.

2, 4, 6, 8, master miller isn’t straight


sorry heteros, 80s music is gay culture

is there any particular reason that some parents have this habit of criticizing their daughters’ appearance and then when you tell them that’s fucking rude they switch to “noooo you’re beautiful, it’s just that you would be even more beautiful if you styled your hair the way i want/dressed the way i want/didn’t have acne/lost a few pounds”

backpedal all you want bitch, but if you thought i was beautiful you wouldn’t constantly make unsolicited negative comments about my hair and my face and my body

in fairness, doctors do not really help the misconceptions about antibiotics by prescribing them when it’s not necessary (if someone comes in complaining of a nonspecific stomach problem, they do not need cipro. cipro is in fact the worst thing to prescribe in that situation. the fuck is wrong with you) and not telling patients when they prescribe them that you actually need to take all of them, which gives the impression that they’re like palliative medications that you stop taking when you feel better








I know it’s illegal but whenever I get antibiotics from the doctor I save a few and give them to friends or coworkers who don’t have insurance so that when cold season comes they might be able to shorten their illness

That is not good- that’s not quite how antibiotics work.

Antibiotics kill some bacteria, but don’t manage to kill other bacteria. Just like when you get a particular sickness (or a vaccination), your body can protect you from future infections, any bacteria that came into contact with the antibiotic is protected from future doses of that antibiotic. Bacteria are very virulent breeders, so they spawn more resistant bacteria.

If you take the full dose of antibiotics, your natural antibodies can deal with the cells that are resistant while the medicine kills off the bacteria that isn’t resistant. If you don’t take the full course of antibiotics, then your body has to deal with both the resistant and the non-resistant strains of bacteria, and it can become overwhelming. Also, most bacteria are able to pass on genes between still-living cells, so that previously non-resistant strains become resistant, and you have inadvertently cultivated a stronger strain of bacteria.

Furthermore, colds and the flu are viral infections, so antibiotics don’t work against them anyway. The best protection against viral infections are vaccinations, as there are not many viruses that we have developed anti-viral medication against, once you already have the disease. If there are anti-viral medications, it is even more important that you take the full dose of the medication, because anti-viral medication is even harsher against the body than antibacterial medication is.

How antibiotics work

How antiviral medication works

Spread this around; antibiotics are not candy

To put it shortly: antibiotics don’t do shit for the cold. You need to take the entire bottle that is prescribed to you. People not doing that is how antibiotic resistant infections crop up. People like OP are literally why diseases like MRSA exist.

OP shouldn’t feel bad about good intentions but this is really dangerous. There’s also the risk that your friends are allergic to the specific type of antibiotics you give them.

things that a better-off person can do for their sick less-well-off friends that don’t involve breeding superbacteria through misue of antibiotics:

  • Buy them cold medicine 
  • Buy them cough drops
  • Buy them fancy tissues with lotion
  • Make them too much soup to eat in one go and freeze half for later
  • Find them a low-cost clinic and accompany them there
  • Tell them you are giving them their day’s wages and they are staying home Friday/Monday and then do.
  • Go to their house. Wash the dishes, take out the garbage, walk the dog, scoop the cat or just plain change the whole litter box, clean the bathtub and mom voice them until they take a hot shower or steam their head.
  • if they have asthma or bronchitis and are out of inhaler but you have a half-full one, that is a thing you can sanitize and share.
  • ditto palliative prescription medication like “I have half a bottle of lidocaine gargle, you want it?” “I am bringing you the rest of my Robitussin with codeine” “here harvest some ibuprofen from my giant bottle of 1,000 ibuprofen”

I feel like some of this should have been covered in high school health class. It would do a lot to combat misuse of antibiotics. Superbacteria is really dangerous for everyone but is particularly bad for people with multiple antibiotic allergies and will lead to hospital stays for IV antibiotics of kinds they can take.

October 04 2017

i do sometimes go for more butch girls, but in general it’s the feminine-of-center ones that attract me, or ones like me that just don’t give a fuck and present ambiguously more out of sheer laziness than anything else

the one constant, for some reason, is that they cannot be shorter than me (i’m 5′3″) or i lose interest

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you know those moments when you realised you have a type?, this is it

My type is somewhere between ethereal space goth warrior elf and 80s punk rock butch intellectual…so, yeah, same.

@zaprowsdowers whom is this? whom is this? tell Me

She’s Ember Moon <3

Her name is Ember Moon, but you missed the best part and the reason why I love wrestling so much. Her gimmick(since wrestlers need those) is that she’s a moon goddess.

That’s legitimately it. She’s a goddess who wrestles for reasons unclear, and whether she’s a Face or a Heel is based on the cycle of the moon(I think? Or something like that. She’s on their undercard so I haven’t seen her much, but she’s got a decent chance, in my mind, of making Divas actually fun to watch again)

I really want to see her get a Diva Doll release 😍🌙😍

if a man told his wife what she was allowed to eat and controlled her finances and appearance the way my mom does to my dad, any reasonable person would call that abuse, but for some reason when it’s a woman controlling and micromanaging every aspect of her significant other’s life it’s just a sign of how much she cares


my therapist taught me this coping strategy where you picture a container and imagine putting all your bad thoughts in there and sealing it so that they’re still there but not lurking in all the dark corners of your mind where you can trip over them and ruin your day, but i’m pretty sure she just did fucking magic because i’ve been suspiciously not self-loathing since then

i mean i’m still fucking depressed about everything else and i’ve given up hope of ever getting out of debt, but i don’t hate myself for that, i hate everything else

my therapist taught me this coping strategy where you picture a container and imagine putting all your bad thoughts in there and sealing it so that they’re still there but not lurking in all the dark corners of your mind where you can trip over them and ruin your day, but i’m pretty sure she just did fucking magic because i’ve been suspiciously not self-loathing since then

as an autistic person, it’d be great if people could stop doing the thing where they label criticism of someone’s objectively bad behavior as ableism because “they might be on the spectrum.” you should not be speculating that anyone is autistic in the first place, but you absolutely should not be speculating that someone is autistic and then implying that’s why they’re acting like a douchebag. all you’re doing is perpetuating the idea that autistic people inherently act like douchebags and can’t be criticized for it because our infantile minds can’t understand correction

October 03 2017

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