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May 22 2018


self care is so damn difficult when you… don’t… care… about your own self

no, no, google, you’re not getting it. i don’t want to know if “star” is a count or noncount noun. i want to know if the actual stars in the sky are countably or uncountably infinite

May 21 2018


“it’s not men’s fault that they kill women who tell them no, it’s america’s fault for giving them access to guns” has to be the worst take i’ve ever seen on twitter and yet i’m almost sure i’ll find a worse one before the end of the week

“it’s not my fault that i stabbed that guy to death, officer, it’s sears’ fault for selling me a knife set”

“it’s not men’s fault that they kill women who tell them no, it’s america’s fault for giving them access to guns” has to be the worst take i’ve ever seen on twitter and yet i’m almost sure i’ll find a worse one before the end of the week

my characters for this novel are like… vague concept originally intended for a totally different kind of story, two siblings that just materialized in my mind like apollo and artemis and proceeded to redirect the entire thing, a man who really just wanted to stay home with his aquarium why god, and then there’s sakuya le bel shirogane in a british human suit



this is honestly one of my all tim favorite hsitorical pictures because of the three dudes that are just LOSING it in the front

A good sax solo be like that.

May 20 2018




any time i try to holla at a girl with glasses i always ask how terrible is her eyesight

If she hollas back there’s your answer

I just realized you flamed me and I hate you

May 19 2018




when i was 8 i drew this comic about two girls kissing and my mom was out raged and i thought it was because my art wasn’t good enough so i kept trying to draw girls kissing and she sent me to therapy and my therapist tried explaining homosexuality to me and i didn’t even know what that had to do with my art skills


social cue misinterpretation level:




While sitting in his high-chair, your baby drops the spoon. You get up, pick it up from the floor, give it back to Baby - only for him to throw it away on purpose. 

If this scene sounds familiar to you, you might wonder why he does that. Is he rebellious and tries to upset you on purpose? Does he have a really silly kind of humor? No and no. In fact, your baby is busy conducting his very first scientific experiments. His brain is starting to understand two important concepts. 

The first one is called “Cause and Effect”: When i throw away the spoon, mom picks it up. When i do it again, she does it again. Oh, yay!

The second is called “Object permanence”: When i throw away the spoon, it disappears - No, it doesn’t, mom picks it up! It’s still there, even when i can’t see it!

To fully grasp these concepts, your baby needs to repeat those experiments again and again and again. That’s annoying to you - but try to smile at your little scientist! 

Kids really are born scientists. Most things that babies and toddlers do are part of how they discover how the world works.

i never really thought the old friends senior dog sanctuary tumblr was actually them, but it’s funny as hell that whoever was running it finally revealed this, after not having updated the blog for a year, by posting “i just want to get dicked down again =/” to the wrong blog

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Ken Nwadiogbu, drawing with pencil

follow him on instagram @kenartng    twitter @kennwadiogbu

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hey so the origin of this meme is funnier then i could ever imagine

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I’m so bad at this game - he died before I even got out of Create a Sim.






I just want to get dicked down again =/

Oh thank god.

Why is nobody asking who was running a fake Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary official blog for over a year then?? They posted nothing but legitimate OFSDS posts, went silent for a year, and then hit us with the thirsty on main post. WHO DID THIS????

Holy shit what a fucking long con. That’s absolutely amazing.




So what we feared came to pass, and my girlfriend’s mother became drunk and abusive again with us: she hit Leah in the face and threatened to shoot her. Does anyone have a spare room for rent* in California that we could go to?

*we’ll have some money from a job/selling the car to tide us over until we get jobs there

Oregon is also cool… she’s basically kicking us out, but apparently is willing to buy a plane ticket wherever it is we would have a place to be…

New Accusations: Creator Of Nickelodeon's 'Loud House' Allegedly Offered Animation Work In Exchange For Sexual Favors




We warn you that the details in the letter are extremely disturbing, and may trouble some readers. 

“I had an opportunity to work at Nickelodeon a long time ago and I didn’t take the job because I knew he would be inside the studio. We should never allow people to do this stuff again inside a place where there are a lot of women trying to come up in this industry!”

Absolutely Disgusting


youre not a real tumblr user until you hate tumblr but cant stop using it

May 18 2018


god whenever i see those jokes that are like.. “haha lads we put glasses on the floor at the MET and everyone thought it was art jokes on them” jokes on you bitch! you put something out there in a context of display + consumption of art and people took it seriously because that is what the social etiquette of galleries impedes the viewer to do and you drew a response and reaction out of them and then thousands of other people by laughing at them. you made art bitch. you simulated the experience then proved your own joke with you as the punchline bitch. not the viewers. 

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Я чист и свеж…

“I’m clean and fresh”

dorian: i can’t deal with the knowledge that i won’t be young and hot forever

basil: i’ve ascribed a variety of personality traits to dorian that he doesn’t actually have based around his youth and hotness

henry: *michael jackson eating popcorn gif*

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